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W+P by Matthew Kramer, DJ WAG & Vernon (known from Vernon’s Wonderland, EYE Q Records) The triumvirate are very known producer and singer from Frankfurt Germany and pioneers in the electronic music industry. They create with “YIT (Yes it is true) Higher Love” a groovy vocal house production at it’s best. The catchy melody and the distinctive vocals of Vernon has a big recognition value. Matthew Kramer appears on labels such as Bonzai Records, WePlay Music, Drizzly Music, Armada, Bootcamp Rec…… Matthew already teamed up with artists like DJ DAG, Loona and many more His partner in crime DJ WAG is also a global player in the music scene. He is since beginning of the 90s in the music biz and had releases on labels such as Blackhole, Drizzly Music, Joyride, Overdose, Sucke me Plasma or Tetsuo. Vernon is without a doubt a legend - his biggest hit was “Vernon's Wonderland” released on the legendary label EYE-Q, a milestone in the 90’s vocal trance era.