Sheena Rose

The Night I Fly (remixes) (feat. Jeanie Tracy)

Sheena Rose, Leo Frappier, Paul Goodyear, Jose Jimenez, Tweaka Turner, Switchtwista, Greg Nouveau, Mark Hagan, Norm Vork

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San Francisco drag queen dance recording artist Sheena Rose returns with her hot new single/remix album "The Night I Fly" featuring vocals by the fabulous Ms. Jeanie Tracy and a collection of fierce club mixes by Leo Frappier (who also produced the original), Paul Goodyear, Jose Jimenez, Tweaka Turner, SwitchTwista, Greg Nouveau, Mark Hagan, and Norm Vork. A cover of the song that was featured in the film, 54, a full length recording of "The Night I Fly" was never recorded or released commercially until now. Sheena and Jeanie make "The Night I Fly" all their own.