B.g. The Prince Of Rap & Chrizz Morisson Feat. Timi Kullai

So Special

B.g. The Prince Of Rap & Chrizz Morisson Feat. Timi Kullai, Chrizz Morisson, Dolls

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B.G. The Prince OF Rap's real name is Bernard Greene. He was born in Washington DC. Like so many artists before him, the U.S. Army brought him to Europe. This is how, after graduating from high school, he arrived in Germany in 1985. After he left the Army, he began to live of his talents of singer and dancer which he had discovered during his scholarship. Without any difficulty he made his place on the Frankfurter scene, awarding first places in many rap contests. So much talent could not remains unnoticed, and he was soon contacted by the producers who would launch his international carreer. Among these internationally recognized people was Jam El Mar and Stefan Benz.