Spoonz Feat. Ami Thomson & Jd Rox


Spoonz Feat. Ami Thomson & Jd Rox, Soulshaker, Ferkko, So Cool Network

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Rio is the follow up single release to St Tropez, from a super exciting new act called ‘Spoonz’ (a verb for fit, cute and gorgeous). Featuring the trademark rappy vocals of ‘JD Rox’ (from Feel The Hardrock and St Tropez success) and the amazing vocals of ‘Ami Thomson’, Rio has become a firm favourite with the International DJs and between the various remixes and original mix has been heard on dancefloors all around the World. The pressure cooker created from the DJ reactions has just helped to push this up to #4 in the UK's Music Week Commercial Pop Dance Charts. With remixes by Soulshaker, So Cool Network and a super cool remix by ferKKo, this package is now attracting licensing interest from labels in different territories and is perfectly placed to keep gaining momentum into the Spring / Summer months of 2019. Enjoy some massive vocal club and latin house vibes by SPOONZ !!! #4 in the UK's Music Week UK MUSIC WEEK POP CHART! #1 INTERNATIONAL NET RADIO CHART