Tito Torres Ft. Dante Thomas

Lust After You 2k18

Tito Torres Ft. Dante Thomas, House

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House music legend, and Ministry of Sound DJ Tito Torres is back with his latest club jam “Lust After You” featuring American R&B singer Dante Thomas. “Lust After You” may be about more than that: most likely how messy your head gets when you’ve found the person you want t be with, but let’s take this in context. This is a night-out song, and a great one at that, with Torres’ beats, and Thomas vocal portraying an assured confidence despite the supposed lack of control that lust gives you. This is a song about meeting a beautiful girl on the dancefloor and, by God, you’re going to at least get her number. It isn’t a rager though, no waiting for the beat to drop, this is a smooth jam, a confidence booster, with only Thomas’ lapse into babble at the end when the music, and the feeling, takes over. “Lust After You” is another great tune from a giant of the genre, the fct that he’s made Dante Thomas relevant again is only one of the reasons to give this a listen-preferably at the weekend.