Smp2k Feat. Bikay

Lieber Guter Weihnachtsmann

Smp2k Feat. Bikay, Vibronic Nation, Rayzr, Nick Unique, Drummasterz, Sakuya, Matt Van Doom, Varlos

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German Hit-music producer 'SMP2k' is back on RGMusic Records with his brand new funny 'Anti - Christmas' song named 'Lieber Guter Weihnachtsmann'. This time the song also contains the beautiful vocals by german female singer 'BiKay'. His lyrics tell the funny story of a man and a woman and their different views on the Christmas season! While the woman enjoys the Christmas time, it is hard for the man to see everything so positively. 'SMP2k' produces music for a long time and is mostly known for his hard driving high BPM beats with nice catchy melodies. For this great release, he also brought a few friends and in addition to the original, the release includes great remixes by Vibronic Nation, DrumMasterz, Rayzr, Nick Unique, Sakuya, Varlos and Matt Van Doom. Not to forget the BONUS track 'Kinder Morgen wirds nichts geben' :) Do not miss these crazy tunes!