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Adam Eden, Tbo&vega, Dany Holm, Michael Fußeder, Kenny Beltrey

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LET'S CELEBRATE! German producer ADAM EDEN, formerly releasing solo or as member of projects such as Zone X, Knochenbrecher, The Xpeatype Project, E-Mission or eXTC, is back with a new release, LET'S CELEBRATE on ADED Recordings. The track itself is not unknown, as it's a tribute to ADAM EDEN's very first official release from 1998, then under the project name The Xpeatype Project. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, it was remixed by Adam and got a complete makeover which turned it into a mindblowing uplifting trance anthem. Remixes were contributed by TbO&Vega, Dany Holm, Michael Fußeder and Kenny Beltrey. All in all, we think a great birthday package has been put together here by ADED Recordings. And now… LET’S CELEBRATE!!!


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