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The latest single LASCIVIOUS has been produced in the style of the previous hit single Do Not Cry, which was on many charts and was also a radio hit. For this reason, the new single already has the potential to become a hit again. Exactly this sound is also the one that has brought the predecessor single Do Not Cry in many countries in the charts to #1. Over 130 radio stations in 27 countries played the last MAGNUS hit over 8,000 times on the radio. MAGNUS also shows its great creativity in the latest music video for the single LASCIVIOUS. The special thing is that this time it's a Volume 2 video. MAGNUS is releasing a second part of his "Art of MAGNUS" music video. The LASCIVIOUS video takes place before the Do Not Cry video. Once again, MAGNUS has dedicated itself to the subject of art and takes the viewer into a fantastic world full of fantasy and magic. When pop meets art, it's usually a new work by MAGNUS that shows once again that he has no interest in banalities in music.