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Sheila Brody, better known as Amuka, is a dance music legend. The diva was discovered by the Godfather of Funk George Clinton and was added to "The Brides of Funkenstein" as a full-time member. Brody has worked with a wide range of artists such as Rick James; John Mellencamp; the P-Funk All-Stars; Bootsy Collins; the late Peter Rauhofer; and Public Enemy. Under her stage name Amuka, She has had six top 10 hits on Billboard including "Craving," "U Ain't That Good, "My Man," "I Want More (Cling On To Me)," "Destination (We Are The Ones), and "My Man." Amuka also hit Number One with the smash hit "Appreciate Me." Grapefruit Sound Lab, a New York Native producer/songwriter, has been musically influenced by electro, freestyle, rock, and house. When not making music, he works behind the scenes and has a successful career as an award-winning Hollywood motion picture editor of music. Grapefruit Sound Lab is thrilled to be working with Amuka on the first of three singles to be released in 2019