Jean Marie Feat. Marta Sanchez & Flo Rida


Jean Marie Feat. Marta Sanchez & Flo Rida, We The Savages

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WE THE SAVAGES, the two class of '92 producers & DJs hailing from Switzerland, are back with something a little (alot!) special – as they present their remix of the Jean Marie feat. Marta Sanchez & Flo Rida single – ‘Basketball’. As their rise continues & following a recent string of releases, it seems only fitting that WE THE SAVAGES drop their first remix for a major label & find themselves on Sony Music. United by their common energy and vibe they share for crowd pleasing performances & with it, bringing with them a whole heap of madness & craziness along the way, they take ‘Basketball’ in a direction that stays true to their sound & deliver a re-work that’s destined to pick up a ton of club & radio love in the weeks ahead. Hot off the back of their last cut ‘Mami’, which also picked up a plethora of global support across dancefloor & airwaves, their remix of ‘Basketball’ signals the continuation of their journey & an insight into what lies ahead for the pair.