The Beat Is Love

Malian, Dirtyhertz, DissØlv

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Progressive House


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THE BEAT IS LOVE is the first abstract of her upcoming album, the track get's a great house and broken beats Remix by DIRTYHERTZ and DISSØLV If ears could taste, Malian’s music is sweet, textured, and layered. It possesses an epic sound depth, a sort of interstitial glue that makes individuals think of and/or care to inherit indigenous wisdom, guidance, and evolution. Her songs tell stories, sacred histories and mantras that take listeners to an earth-centered and connected place within. She uses string instruments such as the Indian sitar and swaramandala, Chinese gujin, West African djembes and koras, Peruvian cajons, and Moog synthesizers. She loves blending choral elements and vocal harmonies with harps, acoustic guitars, and keyboards.