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“Lost Another Chance” boasts a power pop sound mixed in with a tight EDM foundation perfect for the radio airwaves and dance floors “Lost Another Chance” from Dutch pop group STORM3. The track is an infectious synthpop number influenced by today’s electronic dance music sound. STORM3 consists of members Devon Donovan, Koen van der Heide and Patrick la Lau who started the group back in 2015. “Lost Another Chance” was written by van der Heide with production duties by him alongside Alpha-X. Although originally written as a ballad, “Lost Another Chance” comes on strong and fierce in its current robust EDM pop incarnation. The song’s beginnings date back to some years ago after van der Heide created some melodies that led to some very personal songwriting. The theme is indeed a very universal one and all-around relatable topic. Written after a series of failed dates, “Lost Another Cha