K.k. Project Feat. Felicia Uwaje

Mary Had A Little Boy

K.k. Project Feat. Felicia Uwaje, Steve Cypress & Pit Bailay, Frank Degrees, Margin, Chris Hopeman

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K.K. (aka Matthias Kroeger) started as a DJ and producer in the 90s, and with his version of 'I Like To Move It', he landed his first chart hit together with Madagascar 5. Felicia Uwaja also started in the 90s as a singer and frontgirl of the group Bass Bumpers. In 1992 they landed a worldwide hit with the song "The Music's Got Me" (official charts in USA, UK, France, Germany and many other countries) . K.K. and Felicia had their comeback at the beginning of this year, when they recorded their first collaboration single 'Don't Call Me Baby' and thus reached the dance charts all around the world. For their new single they have recorded the 90s hit 'Mary Had A Little Boy' from SNAP! and produced and mixed it for the Dancefloors of today . With the strong remixes of the most popular German DJs / Producers there is a wide choice of different Dance styles