The Snow Itself

It Rains In Colours

The Snow Itself, Andy Sikorski


Pop / Rock


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The new single ‘It Rains in Colours’ by the Finland-based alternative rock collective The Snow Itself is a soaring ode to love. It nods to some of the songwriter Harri Kangas’ biggest musical influences such as U2, The Verve and The Stone Roses by echoing the timeless questions of fate, coincidence and free will. The Snow Itself is an entity quite like a snowflake - unique every time. The only regular member of the band, Harri Kangas, works with different vocalists and musicians on a song-by-song basis to achieve the perfect shape for each song. This time - on ‘It Rains in Colours’ - the vocals are done by Andrew Mann. Aside from the radio edit, the bonus tracks include a future bass remix by Billboard charting producer Andy Sikorski and an ambient/semi a cappella version titled ‘7:01 a.m. Mix’.