Mr. Anderson Feat. Xan Blacq

Cinderella (part 1)

Mr. Anderson Feat. Xan Blacq, Jamie Lewis, Funkstar De Luxe

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The clock's about to strike midnight. But Cinderella's not fazed. This time she's in control - cruise control. And Mr. Anderson's along for the ride. Forged in a funk furnace but oozing contemporary chart class, 'Cinderella' is an original gem for our time. Borrowing from groovemasters like Cameo and Roy Ayers and featuring the TalkBox magic of Xan Blacq (Amy Winehouse Band Member) this debut single from new act Mr. Anderson is sure to set the dance floor buzzing, with powerful remixes from Funkstar De Luxe (Bob Marley's 'Sun Is Shining'). 'Cinderella' evokes Roger Troutman's 'California Love' and hints at Daft Punk in equal measure. The melodies and vibe are strong. Future-dance meets retro-funk as Mr. Anderson bursts from the grid. Incl add. rmxs by Jamie Lewis, Luke Mornay (both Grammy nominated), Superfinger, Xantone Blacq, Simon Le Grec, Delor & AL-Faris. Music for Adults !