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Bad Bad Man

Ray Ramon, Dan Thomas , Dj Hi 5

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Nothing prepared me for the aural explosion which put my headphones to the test when I hit play on Ray Ramon’s latest single Bad Bad Man. There’s bounce… then there’s bounce. Bad Bad Man is a glorious cocktail of Pop, EDM, and House, to try and explain how much hype is packed into the beat whilst it thrashes through the high-tempo swathes of ecstasy is pretty much an impossible task. So, you can check out Ray Ramon’s latest single Bad Bad Man for yourselves by heading over to YouTube. On top of the electric beats, Ray Ramon is one of those rare artists you will happen across from time to time whose charm and charisma is infectious, after you’ve listen to Bad Bad Man crash to a cataclysmic close you’re going to want to devour his earlier work. Thankfully the Nigerian born Australian based recording artist has plenty of vibrant beats in his back catalogue. Promoted by Barbara Sobel/Sobel Promotions


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